Thursday, November 20, 2008

We need an indoor playground!

Three years ago my second child was born, my oldest was 2. For a while we could play at McDonald's while the baby slept in his car seat. Then he started crawling, I couldn't keep him in the car seat, but couldn't let him crawl around that floor. I knew Winnipeg needed something different!

I am working towards opening an indoor playground in Winnipeg with a small cafe and comfortable seating. Your children will burn energy in the play structure while you sip your gourmet coffee and visit with friends or use the free Wi-Fi. Your toddler will be safe and secure in an area specially designed for them with soft climbing toys and interactive wall panels. Planning a party? Let us help you plan your birthday parties, baby showers and other special occasions!

This blog will have progress updates, fundraising projects and any events planned.


llaxton said...

Go of wishes! I just stopped in to leave you some love! I know what it is like to wonder if anyone it even reading your blog when no one comments. I will add you to my follow list and lurk now and again!

Charlene said...

Where are you planning your indoor playground? What end of town?